Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eight Months

In just a few days, Charlotte will be eight months old.  Over the past month, she's been a busy girl.  Some of the things that she's doing are:
  • Growing teeth.  She's got two!
  • Crawling.
  • Pulling up.  Halfway at least.
  • Babbling.  A lot.
  • Whistling.  According to Paul.  I haven't heard it yet.
  • Holding her own bottle.
She also sleeps like a teenager.  She doesn't nap well at school and she seems to want to catch up on her sleep on the weekends.  We have yet to let her sleep as late as she wants on Saturday mornings.  On Friday she went to sleep at 6:10 pm and slept until 9:40 am, when we woke her.  I only brag because Joey hates to sleep.

Charlotte has an appointment with an ENT tomorrow.  We will most likely go with tubes.  Over the summer, when kids are usually healthier, she has had several ear infections which have not cleared up 100%.  Since we're going into the germy season, and getting sick is inevitable, her ears are not going to get better and we don't want to overuse antibiotics.  I'll plan to post an update soon.

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