Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Joey is three years eight months old and growing up much too fast.

We had some rough times (terrible twos, terrible threes), but Joey has become such a sweet, considerate little girl.  Most of the time, anyway!  She adores Charlotte and takes pride in being a good big sister; she will stop what she's doing to give Charlotte some loving when she wants some attention.  Joey is learning how to write her name and she drew her first self portrait a few weeks ago.

Here are some tidbits about my favorite three-year-old:

princesses, Shrek

Favorite Game:

Favorite Color:

Favorite Number:
three (because she's three)

Favorite hangouts: 
Chick-fil-A, Barnes & Noble

Favorite books: 
Pinkalicious; Disney princess stories

Most-watched movie: 

What she wishes for on a star:
a Princess Tiana doll

Check out Joey-isms from a year ago. 

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