Friday, June 24, 2011

An Announcement

No, we're not having another baby.

I'm going back to work full-time.

I had toyed with the idea of going back to work if a good opportunity arose.  Last week a friend emailed me to see if I'd be interested in applying for a position with a construction company on the UA campus.  She had worked for them and praised them for being very family-oriented and flexible.  I submitted my resume for the sake of not passing up an opportunity.  I interviewed and was offered the position.  This happened in the course of a few days, all while Paul was away on business.

My biggest concern has been finding excellent childcare for Joey and Charlotte.  I want to put them in a church preschool, but unfortunately, most of those have waiting lists so they will be going to another school temporarily.  I want my mom to retire so she can take care of my kids!

I can see many positives aspects of going back to work. 
  • Joey will thrive in a learning-centered preschool program.  She needs stimulation that I am just not able to give.  And she watches too much TV.
  • Although a large portion of my take-home pay will go to childcare, there will be some left over.  Extra money is good.
  • The time that I spend with my kids will be quality over quantity.
I have also had apprehensions about this decision.
  • Joey has had me at home for her entire life, but I have only been home with Charlotte for 5 months, and she's just so darn cute and cuddly.  She won't have the same experience as her sister.
  • What if my kids hate their school?
  • I struggle with meal-planning and grocery shopping already.  Will we be eating hot dogs and grilled cheese for dinner every night?
I will miss a lot of things about being a stay-at-home mom.  I will miss Joey's activities that we do every week, like music at CHOM and story time at the library, and I'll miss cuddling with Charlotte all day.  But I'm also excited about going back to work, and overall, I think this will be good for my family.


  1. Hi Lauren!
    Ask if the day care center is NAEYC accredited (pronounced Nacy like Macy). They hold centers to higher standards that the state of Alabama does.

  2. Thanks Amy! I did a search and only 3 schools are NAECY accredited - RISE, UA, and TA. I don't know about TA, but the other two have LONG wait lists. I should look into TA for Joey though.



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