Friday, January 6, 2012

Party Planning Committee: Fabrics

For Charlotte's birthday party, I decided to create a banner and coordinating table runner out of fabric.  I could have used scrapbook paper for the banner, which would have been just as cute, but I wanted it to match the table runner.  Plus, I think that the banner will look precious hanging in Charlotte's room when the party is over.  Soooo, I assessed what I already had and then when to to choose some additional fabric.  I plan to do basically the same thing for Joey's birthday in February, so I ordered plenty for a second project.

These are the fabrics that I'll use for Charlotte's party decor:

And this is her party invitation, for reference:

The fabric and invitation are not matchy-matchy, but each fabric includes at least one color from her invitation.

Last night I started working on the table runner.  I did not take pictures to document the process, but the project is very straightforward.  I used my rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat (thanks, Paul!) to cut strips of varying lengths but (fairly) uniform width.  And then I stitched them together to form a long strip.  Sorry, no pictures, but imagine something like this:

That's not an accurate representation by any means, but get the picture?  Okay, good.

Now I just need to trim up the edges and stitch the runner and the liner together.  For the liner I'm using a couple of yards of cheap off-white broadcloth, cut to the size of the runner.  I'll stitch "right sides" together on three sides (like a pillow case) and then turn inside-out and stitch the fourth side closed.

Next on the agenda will be making her banner(s) from the above fabrics.  I will cut the fabric into triangles and attach a fabric backing.  Right now I'm thinking of using a no-sew method - Heat n Bond - so that the little flags will be stiffer.  Imagine that it will look something like this,  but hopefully with nice straight lines:

I'll share pictures of the actual table runner and banner soon, if only to prove that I can cut a straight line.

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