Thursday, December 29, 2011

Party Planning Committee

Holy moly!  Charlotte's first birthday is in three weeks!  I was so distracted by Christmas that I hadn't given the slightest thought to planning her party.  And the first birthday is kind of a big deal.  Not that she'll remember it.

Out of laziness Because I'm cheap In my attempt to lead a greener lifestyle, I usually send out Evites, but I had a credit at Shutterfly and decided to send out paper invitations.  I guess that instead of being green, we're keeping the postal service in business.  Here is our adorable card:

I just love Shutterfly.  Honestly.  And thanks again to David Smith for the gorgeous photos.  The pictures from our photo shoot have gone a long way!   

I've been stalking Pinterest for party decor ideas:
  • make a birthday banner either out of fabric or card stock using color scheme from the invitations
  • sew a table runner with leftover fabric from birthday banner
  • make an arrangement with coffee filter "flowers" or something like that (my friend Stacey made some for her one-year-old's birthday that were adorable!)
  • and that's about it for now!
I'm also planning to DIY a cake or cupcakes, and Charlotte will have her own "smash cake" of course.

In the meantime, we need to clean our house.  It will take about 3 weeks to clean up the mess from Christmas!

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