Monday, September 13, 2010

This AIN'T No Nudist Colony

Today Joey peed in the potty and pooped in the backyard and told me that she doesn't need diapers now because she is a big boy.

This comes a few days after she pooped on her carpet and attempted to clean it up herself.  (I love that our neighbors have a carpet cleaner and generously let us borrow it.)  Later that same day Paul came home to find Joey squatting on a chair and pooping.

I think that Joey is fully ready to potty-train.  She's been using the potty sporadically for more than a year.  She knows what to do.  We tried using a rewards system of stickers and M&Ms a few months ago, but she just wasn't ready.  This time she is not asking for any reward for using the potty.  I think that being allowed to run around completely naked is reward enough.


  1. Happy to read your blog Lauren! And to discover that this link wasn't some perverted spam! Just an innocent nudist!

  2. I'm glad you were brave enough to open the link!



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