Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby Losavio: 36 Weeks

The baby is about 18.5 inches long and more than 6 pounds, and gaining about an ounce a day.  The baby will be considered full-term in just one more week.  Since she is fully developed, all that she needs to do for the next few weeks is gain weight.  She should be head-down at this point, but we'll find out for sure at our ultrasound next week.  

Paul has decided to take this entire week off of work.  Part of the week we'll spend visiting with family, but we're using the other part of the week for baby prep.  We will be putting together the bassinet, laundering the baby's clothing with Dreft (which I had actually planned to do several weeks ago), and making room in the drawers and closets for the baby's things.  Since all of the clothing will be clean, I'm also planning to pack my hospital bag.

Ah, the hospital bag.  Here's what's going in mine:

Toiletries and makeup.  A girl's always got to look her best, right?  But since I don't want for my everyday makeup to be packed for (possibly) a month, I'm packing makeup samples and things that I rarely use.


Baby Outfits.  The cute stuff.  Because a baby is like a real live doll.

Undergarments.  The cute stuff, of course.

Baby Mittens.  Because babies like to mutilate their faces.  I might even pack fingernail clippers because I don't think that the nurses will trim the baby's fingernails.  But if God forbid we cut her while we trim her nails, at least we're at the hospital.

Gift for Joey.  She's getting a new baby doll and baby sling.  Joey will also be bringing a gift for the baby.  Maybe the Cloud b Sleep Sheep or Sophie the Giraffe.  I am obsessed. 


Going home clothes.  "They" say that you can expect to look six months pregnant after delivery, but that doesn't necessarily mean that my six-month-pregnant-pants are going to fit after delivery.  It's hard to designate an outfit that won't be worn for several weeks, but whatever.

Some things just can't be packed away in the hospital bag for several weeks, but while we're at the hospital we will definitely need our camera, computer, and chargers.  I'm sure that the computer will provide hours of entertainment and distraction during labor, and will be great for communication after the baby arrives.  Although we can watch videos, email, Facebook, etc., using our phones, the laptop is absolutely essential.

Entertainment for Joey.  I'm not sure how much time she'll be spending at the hospital with us, but we cannot be chasing her down the hallways.  I'll pack some coloring books, crayons, and some books.  Her favorite TV show is also available to watch instantly on Netflix, and she likes to play games on our phones.

I think I'm done with the baby name hints.  If you haven't already guessed you'll find out when the baby is born!

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