Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Losavio: 35 Weeks

Baby Losavio is about 18 inches long and 5.25 pounds.  Most of the baby's physical development is complete, so for the next few weeks the baby will be packing on the ounces.  At 35 weeks we only have about a month to go.
Last week was my 34 week checkup.  All measurements are fine and everything is looking good.  Due to the holidays, my next appointment will be at 37 weeks rather than 36, and that will be the start of weekly appointments.  At the next appointment we'll have an ultrasound to check the baby's position and to estimate the baby's size.  The baby should be head-down at this point and should be staying that way.  It will be nice to get one last glimpse of the baby before giving birth.  At my last ultrasound (24 weeks) the tech switched the ultrasound to 4D for just a bit, which was really cool to see.  I hope that she does it again!

Last week I decided that I should start cleaning some of Joey's old baby things, like her car seat.  I probably should have cleaned these things before I packed them away for two years.  Take my word for it:  there was some grossness.  And I probably would have saved myself some frustration had I taken better note of how the car seat was configured before taking it apart.  No worries -- I'm confident that everything is how it should be! 

I haven't been blogging so much lately because between Joey and Baby Losavio, I am worn out.  Growing a baby is exhausting! 

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