Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's That Time of Year.

We got our Christmas tree today.  Fortunately we do not have the storage space to store an artificial tree.  Sure, artificial trees are convenient and economical, but they don't appeal to me.  We get a live tree each year and our house smells wonderful.

As we prepared to decorate, I baked chocolate chip cookies, made hot chocolate on the stove, and put "A Christmas Story" on the TV, you know, to get into the Christmas spirit.
Chocolate chip cookies in progress
Naked Christmas tree
Our little helper
Joey was an excellent helper.  She got ornaments out of our storage boxes and gave them to Paul to hang.  With the exception of two ornaments which are out of her reach, our tree is very Joey-friendly this year.
Our mantel decorated with clippings from our tree
Finding a place for all the ornaments

I think that Crumpet is going to enjoy finding all the new places to sit.

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