Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Losavio: 24 Weeks (Update)

Today was my 24 week prenatal appointment.

My doctor had ordered a sonogram because the tech was unable to get a good head measurement during the last one at 20 weeks.  Baby Losavio's head is perfect.  Paul couldn't make it to this appointment so my mom came to help wrangle Joey, and to see the baby of course.  Although the tech was able to get the necessary measurements, Baby Losavio was holding her arms in front of her face so it was hard to get a good image of her face.  However, the tech switched the ultrasound to 4D for a little while so we did get some glimpses.  It's not something that I would elect to do but it was cool!

Her head is to the right, looking up!  Look at that tiny nose!
And here is the 4D image that they gave us.
Baby L is facing right.  You can see her arms bent in front of her face.
My weight gain is fine (whew!  Time for some McDonald's.) and my belly is measuring perfectly -- 24 cm at 24 weeks.  It might look small, y'all, but Dr. D says it's perfect.  By the way, I did take off my boots before stepping on the scale.

Maternity "jeggings" might just be the best thing ever.  They feel like leggings but look like skinny jeans.  Do yourself a favor and get a pair!

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