Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Losavio: 38 Weeks

...and still in my belly.  Baby Losavio is fully developed and is basically just gaining weight at this point.  She's packing on about an ounce a day.  I'll have another prenatal appointment later this week, and hopefully I will have made a little more progress by then.

I had a really nasty stomach bug at the end of last week.  That was fun.  The weird thing is that I recall having a bug towards the end of my pregnancy with Joey, and my mom says that she recalls having a bug at the end of pregnancy also.  Coincidence?  I really enjoy being a stay-at-home mom, but feeling sick presents a challenge because there's no daycare to keep Joey.  So Paul had to take the day off of work so that he could entertain Joey.  He also had some help from my mom and Jim.  (Thanks!)

For more than a week, our dog Macy has been having "issues" and has been employing attention-getting tactics.  This began when we assembled the baby's bassinet.  We have been mindful of the fact that bringing a new baby into our home will change our family dynamic and that there will be a period of adjustment for Joey.  We didn't even consider that Macy would be affected by the new addition.  Mind you, Macy has never been an "only child," but I think that the thought of another tail-puller makes her nervous.  She should be happy that there will be another food-dropper to follow around.

Here's Baby Losavio's 37 week 4D ultrasound picture again, just because I like looking at it:

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