Saturday, January 15, 2011

How I Keep My Man Interested

This morning I woke up with the urge to make beignets, even though I had just cleaned my stove and frying anything will get messy.  I didn't have any beignet mix on hand, so I turned to the Internet for a recipe.  But it turns out that making beignets from scratch is seriously complicated stuff.  Recipes I found called for yeast, evaporated milk, or even cooking the dough on the stove top before frying it.  No, thank you.  A $3.99 box of Cafe Du Monde Beignet mix is totally worth it.  I bundled myself up, looking like a bag lady I might add, and drove the mile to Publix for the mix.  Two cups of beignet mix, 7 fl. oz. of water, a little flour, some oil, and a lot of powdered sugar are how I keep my man interested.
Joey approved of the beignets, aka "Princess Tiana doughnuts."

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