Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If DHR saw my filthy kitchen they would snatch my babies away...

So I exaggerate.  A little.

My stove had gotten to be disgusting, but I have been avoiding cleaning it because it gets dirty again so fast.  And it's a monster to clean; it's not one of those that can just be wiped down.  It's a thirty-minute commitment, easily.  Today I decided to tackle that monster, even though I plan on cooking Pepperoni Stuffed Chicken tonight, which will surely create a big mess.  Well, once the stove was sparkling, I had to wipe the spatter from the cabinets.  From that angle I could see that the baseboards needed attention.  And while I was crouched on the floor giving those baseboards all I've got, I could tell that the undersides of the cabinets needed a good scrubbing.  Had I had an old toothbrush I would be scrubbing the crevices of the dishwasher, but Paul and I replaced our toothbrushes just last week.  Cleaning "the stove" turned into a half-day ordeal.

I hope that Baby Losavio can appreciate a clean kitchen.

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