Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Our little family has had an incredibly busy month.  We have had lots to do nearly every weekend, and in his spare time, Paul has been prepping our house for painting.  April has brought heavy rains and tornadoes to our area, but we survived unscathed.  The May flowers should be spectacular.

At the beginning of April we co-hosted a couples shower for our dear friends Mandy and Chad.  They recently purchased a house on Lake Tuscaloosa and offered to have the shower at their home.  We provided the food and alcohol, of course!  The beautiful pictures below were taken by our friend Stacy McCants
above:  the hostesses, the house from the lake, Chad and his dog Gypsy, the happy couple

Our month was also filled with visits to the girls' pediatrician.  Charlotte was a little under the weather at her two-month checkup, so her pediatrician decided it would be best to delay her vaccinations until she was well.  When we returned for her shots, she had developed an ear infection.  Several visits and two rounds of antibiotics later, she is healthy and vaccinated.  Joey developed a double ear infection as well and will be on antibiotics for a while.  On the plus side, I have "discovered" the drive thru pharmacy at CVS.

Several weeks ago was the spring football game at The University of Alabama.  Our family was asked to be in a commercial that a friend was filming for the alumni association.  Joey took direction very well and she is certainly the star of the commercial!  I can't wait to share it.  Since we were already on campus for the commercial shoot, and admission to the game is free, we decided to bring the girls into the stadium for a little while. 
above:  behind the scenes at the shoot, Joey and Charlotte in the stadium

Our friends Mandy and Chad were married on Good Friday.  Our friend Meredith and her husband Colin, who are expecting their first baby in June, came for the event and stayed with us.  Mandy was a gorgeous bride and Chad looked pretty spiffy as well.  The ceremony and reception were held at The Museum of Natural History at The University of Alabama.  Everything was beautiful and we had a great time, which we paid for the next day.
above:  Mandy with some of her posse, the dragon skeleton at Smith Hall, Allison and Stacy, the entertainment, the dapper groom

Charlotte has reached an important milestone.  At 13 weeks, she has finally flipped from her belly to her back.  She has been able to roll from her back to her side, and from her side to her belly, but she had not yet turned over completely.  We are very proud!

Easter Sunday was spent at my mom's house.  Joey dyed eggs and hunted for Easter eggs.  My grandparents made the trek from Northern Virginia to spend the holiday and to meet Charlotte for the first time.  My girls are officially spoiled rotten.
This weekend, Losavios from across the Southeast will roll into town to paint the exterior of our house.  Bring a paintbrush if you want to join in the fun.  Me?  I think I'll stay inside!

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