Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I haven't blogged very much over the past few months.  Although Joey has been going to school three half-days a week, and I should have more free time, having an infant takes a lot of energy.  And a lot of my spare energy has gone to finding Camrys with missing door handles (see my other blog, That Camry's Missing a Door Handle!).

So what's been going on with us?  We are preparing to paint our house at the end of April.  Paul's been prepping the house, but we haven't decided on a paint color yet.  We may post some of our favorite color combos and get your opinion.

We are also moving Joey's room in the near future.  We currently use our third bedroom as an office/guest room, but Joey's bunk beds (which I still haven't assembled) will fit much better in the smaller room.  Before we move things around, we'll need to remove the popcorn texture from the ceiling and paint the walls.  Joey's current room will become our office/guest room/play room.  As for Charlotte, we'll just put her crib wherever it will fit.

Joey is three years old.  She absolutely loves going to school.  She recites The Pledge of Allegiance, which I think is just precious.  Joey adores her baby sister.  She loves princesses:  princess books, princess movies, princess dress-up.  Her favorite color is green; she always wants "the green one."  Joey now enjoys watching Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, and Scooby Doo.  Her favorite book is Curious George Goes to the Hospital, but she also enjoys Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy.

Charlotte is two and a half months old.  She weighed 9 lbs 14 oz at her last check-up.  She's already had her first illness:  a respiratory funk, cough, and an ear infection.  Luckily that cleared right up with antibiotics.  She's a very good sleeper, but still isn't sleeping straight through the night.  Charlotte is smiling and cooing, and she occasionally laughs.  She loves mirrors.  We're not on a schedule yet, but we have a routine of eating, playing, and sleeping.  Her eyes are looking blue, but it's hard to tell as they are still changing.

We've been keeping busy!

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