Tuesday, April 19, 2011


One of the most terrifying experiences as a parent must be when your child gets injured.

As Joey was getting into bed tonight, she hit her head on her headboard and busted her face open next to her right eye.  From the other room I heard her screaming, then Paul ran out of the room carrying her, both of them covered in blood.  There was SO much blood.  It was in her hair, on her arms, and had soaked her jammies.  I could even smell it.  I cannot even describe how terrifying the situation was.

We got the bleeding under control and assessed the gash.  We weren't sure if Joey's injury warranted a visit to the ER, so we sent the picture to one of my girlfriend who works in the emergency department at the hospital that is just a few minutes from our house.

She said that since the bleeding had stopped, it should be fine, but she offered to take a look at it.  Joey and I hopped in the car and headed to the ER, just for some peace of mind.  The gash is indeed fine and doesn't require stitches or even glue.  I'm a little concerned about scarring, but scars add character, right?

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  1. Poor Joey! It will be fine. I've read that you can lessen scarring if you keep it slathered with neosporin/don't let it get scabby/crusty. See y'all Friday night!



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