Thursday, April 7, 2011

Does Your Shopping Cart Look Like This?

Seriously, how do moms shop for food?  I end up packing food in the cart around the kids and on the bottom rack.  I need some creative shopping tips!


  1. Use the sling for the baby, leaving the cart available for the food. Charlotte's still little enough for it not to hurt your back if you have a long shopping trip!

  2. Ha! This is EXACTLY what my cart looked like at Publix the other day when I went in to get wine. Yes, I took my two babies in to just get wine. I poked a few bottles around the carseat and picked up a couple of Easter basket stuffers, but when I checked out they put all of the wine in bags together & I had to just pile them next to Harper in the seat! Little Harper and a bunch of wine! I bet Joey was about the same with your loot. Good thing they are sweet. Do I win the longest comment contest?!

  3. The sling would probably work well! I just wouldn't want to wake a sleeping baby...Charlotte loves her car seat (most of the time).

    Love it Stacey!

  4. The other day at Target I saw a mom shopping with 4 kids. One in the seat, two in the basket, and one standing on the front. I should have given her a high five.



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