Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Josephine Losavio: Clown?

Tomorrow is Circus Day at Joey's school.  All of the kids will be dressing up like clowns or circus animals.  Although clowns creep me out, I figured a clown costume would be easier to DIY than an animal costume.

I picked up some supplies at Hobby Lobby:  a green t-shirt (because green is Joey's fave), pom poms, felt, and a sheet of green foam. 
I began by making a ruffled collar from the felt.  I cut the sheets lengthwise and stitched three of the pieces together, creating a long strip.
I stitched some elastic to one end of the felt, then for the length of the felt, I stitched around the elastic using a zigzag stitch.  That's a fancy trick I picked up from sewing class.
To finish the collar, I stitched the ends together.  I just hope that it doesn't choke Joey.
Next I got to work on Joey's hat.  I decided to use the foam to make a cone-shaped hat with pom poms.  I cut the foam into a round-ish triangle (sorry -- that's mommy brain for you) and then attached the edges with hot glue.  I glued a large pom pom to the top of the hat and small ones around the bottom.
I  hot glued some large pom poms to the front of the t-shirt and Voila!  A clown costume!

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