Monday, May 7, 2012

People are gross

As a blog owner, I can see what searches lead a person here.  All I can say is, "Seriously?"  Actually, I can think of more to say, but those words wouldn't be very nice.  Maybe I should see the humor in that a sicko searching for nude images will instead find that my blog includes a post detailing the contents of my purse or has a tag for poop

Without further ado, these are some searches that have led people to this blog:

nudist family
family nudist
nudist family images
nudist colony
picture of someone who ate too much
diy burp cloths
nudist mom
child nudist
family nudist pics
cutie kitten

If you are here looking for child porn, you won't find it here.  Go away.  Dammit.  Now someone will find this blog by searching for "child porn."

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