Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pictures of cute kids and some words

I used to be so anti-dressing-your-kids-exactly-the-same-for-pictures-or-whatever.  It's so much cuter to dress them in outfits that go together, but don't necessarily match.

But this is what I learned:  it's hard to coordinate complementary outfits for two (or more) children.  And I'm lucky if we can get out the door to get their photographs taken.  Fortunately our children they are the same gender, so Paul doesn't need to worry about me putting a boy in a dress.  After a true attempt to dress my girls not-matchy-matchy, I fell off the wagon. 

See Exhibit A:

And then I discovered that when both of the girls need clothes, it's a little easier to buy them each the same outfit.  If I like an outfit, why not like it twice? 

See Exhibit B:

Oops, I did this a while ago too.  See Exhibit C:

Poor Charlotte will be wearing the same outfit for years.

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