Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fairy Princess Wands

For favors for Joey's birthday party, I decided to make each guest her own fairy princess wand.  Well, each child guest.  Considering that only a few young ladies will be at the party, it's a manageable project. 

Most of the materials that I needed were available at Hobby Lobby:  wooden star wands, glitter spray paint, acrylic gems, and ribbon.  The primer was purchased at the hardware store, but they probably have it at the craft store.

I began by spraying the wands with spray glitter, but it was very sheer and I realized it would be necessary to prime the wands for good coverage.  At the hardware store I purchased gray spray primer, which worked nicely with the silver spray glitter. 
To transform the wands from drab to fab:  glitter spray paint.  I used several coats to make the wands extra glittery. 
Oooh!  Sparkly!
After the paint was dry, I brought the wands inside to bedazzle them.  By that I mean that I used hot glue to affix acrylic gems to the wands.  For the finishing touch:  a little organza ribbon.
Although Silly Bandz and stickers are fun party favors for kids, I hope that Joey's guests will be able to enjoy their wands for longer.


  1. These are wonderful! You constantly amaze me with your do-it-yourself projects, and with a new baby, too!

  2. Those are so cute, Lauren! I hope the party was fun. Again, so sorry we missed it. We didn't even get to go to my grandparents' thing--Harper had the flu. The fever has finally broken though, so we're on the up! Happy Birthday Joey!!!



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