Monday, February 14, 2011


Today was Joey's first day of school. 

As a surprise, Paul enrolled Joey in preschool last week.  The timing is excellent as he is out of town all week.  Yep, I'm the single mom of two for five whole days.  Anyway, we have been considering sending Joey to this particular preschool for a couple of months.  Several people that we have encountered -- some acquaintances and some complete strangers -- have recommended this program to us.  Plus, it's conveniently located right down the road from our house.

Joey will be at school three mornings a week.  While she's getting her learn on, I'll have three mornings a week to clean, run errands, grocery shop, rest, bond with the baby, or do nothing.  Woo hoo!

Joey is very enthusiastic about going to school.  There were no tears today.  In fact, when I dropped her off this morning, she ran into the first classroom that she saw.  I couldn't restrain her.  She's adjusting well and made friends in her new class.  She's growing up so fast.
Joey's first masterpiece

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