Friday, February 18, 2011


Joey loves her baby sister.  She loves holding her, kissing her, and helping Mommy and Daddy take care of her.  She needs to know what her baby sister is doing at every waking moment.  Joey is pretty good at interpreting what Charlotte wants.  If Charlotte cries, Joey says that she's hungry.  If she makes a funny face, Joey says she's pooping.  Considering Charlotte does those two things quite often, Joey knows her stuff!

I shouldn't have been surprised today to walk into my bedroom to find Joey holding her baby sister on my bed.  She had taken Charlotte out of the co-sleeper bassinet and was holding her like a pro.  They were watching cartoons.  No big deal.  Except that our mattress is, like, three feet off the floor.  And our floors are hardwood.  And I really don't want to be interviewed by social services.

Later on in the same day, Charlotte was sleeping in her papasan chair, Joey was in my bedroom watching more cartoons (bad mommy, I know), and I was checking my email in our office/guest room.  I'm not very sharp right now -- blame it on sleep deprivation -- but I didn't even notice that Joey had left my bedroom.  And who walks into the office but Joey, carrying Chuck.  She had been carrying her sister throughout the house!  Charlotte didn't even seem to mind.  I know it's wrong but I couldn't do anything but laugh. 
This is a picture of me and a random puppy.  This is exactly how Joey was carrying Charlotte.  This is why I was laughing.

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