Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DIY: Joey's Bunk Beds

For several months I have been obsessed with Ana White, an Alaskan stay-at-home mom who designs and builds furniture and then blogs about it.  Paul does not like this obsession.  He has no interest in building our own furniture, although his help is both required and expected. 

This past summer, I decided to build bunk beds for Joey.  Yes, build.  From scratch.  Like, with lumber and screws.  Oh, did I mention that I'm pregnant?  Well, that I knew that I was pregnant when I decided to undertake this project?

I saw these bunk beds at The Land of Nod, but at nearly $2000 I would never consider actually purchasing the set.

But plans for these bunk beds could be found on Ana's blog.  Did I mention that she gives these plans away for free

Since we don't have a garage, basement, or any sort of workshop, I only bought enough wood to complete one step at a time.  The building part went by very quickly.  But I dreaded the painting.  By the time the pieces were ready to be painted, it was hot.  So hot that I could hardly bear to be outside.  So the unfinished parts of the bed sat in our dining room for weeks until it was cool enough outside to paint.  And by "cool enough," I mean 95 degrees. 

Here are some photos of the building process:
Work in progress: headboard and footboard for the top bunk
My "workshop"
It's level!
Putting Paul to work
All pieces ready to prime and paint
Once it came time to assemble the beds in Joey's room, I came to realize that they took up a little more space than I anticipated.  Although the bunk beds are twin-sized, the frame is pretty big.  It didn't exactly fit where I had envisioned.  I assembled the bottom bunk so that Joey would have a bed to sleep in (ha) but I did not put up the top bunk.  The bed is heavy and we need to decide on the room's layout before making the bed heavier. 
Joey's bed
Another angle
Joey's toy shelf, which is not safe for the baby
Gotta make room for the baby
And where is the top bunk, you might ask? 
Headboard/footboard in hallway
Headboard/footboard and rails in dining room
Our "guest bed"
I must complete this project before Baby Losavio arrives in January.  She'll need a place to sleep, right?  Kidding.


  1. That is some serious furniture! It looks great though, I don't think I'd have the follow through for a project like that.

  2. I think that's my problem, Katy!



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