Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Losavio: 31 Weeks

At 31 weeks, our due date is 2 months away.  I am officially seven months pregnant, I think.  It's kind of confusing how gestation is 40 weeks, but if there are 4 weeks in a month, that's 10 months, not nine.  Here's a handy resource for determining how far along you are in "months." 

The baby is about 16 inches long and about 3.3 pounds.  That's a weight gain of 1/3 pound since last week!  And this week she's headed into a growth spurt!  Baby Losavio is taking up so much room already that I'm becoming short of breath sometimes.  The baby is developing her sleep and wake patterns.  I do notice that there will be several hours of inactivity punctuated with a little while of intense activity.  Since babies can sense light from inside the womb, I wonder if I shined a flashlight on my belly during preferred "wake" times if the baby would be born with our preferred sleep and wake patterns.  My doctor doesn't think so, but she'd be very interested to know.

Last week our exterminator came by for our bi-monthly service.  He told me that I've really thickened up.  He can tell that I've gained weight in my arms and legs.  Thanks, Bob.  But women look better with a little meat on their bones.  Gee, um, thanks Bob.  Please take note:  NEVER comment on a woman's weight, whether she's pregnant or not.  "You look beautiful/fabulous/stunning" will suffice.  

And now a baby name hint, and it's an earful:  Baby Losavio's name is the feminine diminutive of one of the names of one of her grandfathers.

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