Friday, November 19, 2010

A Sigh of Relief

When Joey was six months old, I brought her to the doctor with an unexplained fever.  Her doctor tested her urine and it was determined that Joey had a kidney infection.  Her doctor prescribed a round of antibiotics, along with a daily low-dose antibiotic, and referred us to the Urology Department of Children's Hospital in Birmingham.
Sick six-month-old
At Children's Hospital a number of tests were performed to determine that Joey had grade II kidney reflux in her left kidney.  Her urologist felt confident that Joey would outgrow the reflux by the time she was five, but until then she'd need to take a daily antibiotic and have a yearly VCUG and a renal ultrasound every six months.  If she didn't outgrow the reflux by age five she would need to have surgery.

For those of you who do not know, the VCUG is a horrible test.  A catheter is inserted into the urethra and dye is inserted into the bladder.  X-rays are taken to determine if there is reflux from the bladder to the kidneys.  Once the catheter is removed the child has to empty her bladder while still lying on the x-ray table.  I would not wish this experience on anybody.  There is nothing worse than holding your child down while she is looking into your eyes and screaming in pain and/or fear. 

Today was Joey's appointment at Children's for the horrible yearly VCUG.  Since I'm pregnant I'm not even able to be in the room for the test.  So Paul took her.  Brave man.  Joey was very well behaved during her appointment and though she was obviously uncomfortable, she didn't scream.  Since she's more or less potty trained she had difficulty emptying her bladder on the x-ray table.  But she did it.

Today we got good news.  Great news, actually.  JOEY HAS OUTGROWN HER REFLUX!!!  She'll need a renal ultrasound in a year, but we are done with the VCUGs!  And we are through with the daily antibiotics! 

Our urologist told us that our future children will have a 25% chance of having kidney reflux also, so Baby Losavio will need the work up when the time comes.  But there's also a 75% chance that she won't have it, so I hope that the statistics work out in our favor.

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