Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Old Wives Tales

Earlier in my pregnancy, before we knew that we were having a girl, I was very interested in the gender-related Old Wives Tales.  It's hard to wait until 20 (or 40) weeks to find out the gender of your baby, and these just-for-fun guesses are, well, fun.

Heart rate:
If the baby's heart rate is below 140, it's a boy.  If it's above 140, it's a girl.
Both of our girls have had heart rates above 140 in utero.

The Drano Test:  
Mix a tablespoon of Drano crystals with your urine.  If it turns green, it's a girl.  Blue, it's a boy.
I don't endorse trying this, but if you do, get someone else to do it.

The Garlic Test:
Eat a clove of garlic.  If the smell seeps through your pores, it's a boy.
Um, no thanks.

The Ring Test:
Tie your wedding band to a string and hold it over your belly.  If it swings in a circle, it's a boy.  Back and forth, it's a girl.

First Words:
If your first child's first word was "Mama," it's a girl.  If it was "Dada," it's a boy.
Joey's first word was "kitty-cat."  We're not having a kitten.

Hairy Legs:
If the hair on your legs grows really fast, you're having a boy.

Salty or Sweet:
If you crave sweets, you're having a girl.  Salty and sour, it's a boy.

I Feel (Not So) Pretty:
You're having a girl if you have acne, gain weight in your face, or just feel unattractive.  They say that a girl steals her mother's beauty.
I can agree with the fuller face and feeling ugly, but I really haven't had acne. 

Morning Sickness:
If you have nausea or morning sickness, it's a girl.  Smooth sailing, it's a boy.
I haven't really had morning sickness with either of my girls.  Just a little nausea.

(His) Weight Gain:
If your husband/partner puts on weight during your pregnancy, it's a girl. 
I read somewhere that it's because he eats what you can't because of the morning sickness.

Chinese Gender Chart:
The Chinese Gender Chart uses the mother's age at conception and the month of conception to predict the baby's gender.
This was accurate for both of my pregnancies.

Mayan Gender Predictor:
This ancient method compares the mothers age at conception and the year of conception.  If both numbers are even or odd, it's a girl.  If one is odd and one is even, it's a boy.
True for both of my pregnancies, as well.

What do you think?
Mother's intuition is correct 71% of the time.
True for me.

Have these been true or false for you?  Are there any good ones that I missed?

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  1. I was told if the baby sits high in your abdomen/stomach, it's a boy, if it sits low, it's a girl. I carried my little man high :)



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