Monday, November 22, 2010

Lauren's Pregnancy and Baby Picks: Stuff for Baby

After 1 3/4 pregnancies, I somehow became the resident expert on pregnancy among my friends.  Not really, but my newly pregnant friends have lots of questions about maternity clothing, pregnancy, essential baby items, etc.  So I figured I would share my knowledge in a blog post.  Five, actually.

This is post three of five.

Stuff for Baby:
Babies need lots of stuff.  They need clothes, cribs, carseats, strollers, high chairs, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, shoes...and the list goes on.  Even if you choose not to buy everything under the sun, your tiny new baby still needs lots of stuff.  There are so many options that it's mind-boggling.

Here are some more things to add to your registry.  Not all of these things are essential, but they do serve a purpose.

Bottles.  There is a resurgence in glass bottles mostly because of concerns that harmful chemicals, such as BPA, are in the plastic in baby bottles.  We used BPA-free Avent bottles and those worked well for us.  Joey had no problem taking a bottle, but some parents have to try several types of bottles to find one that's a good fit.  Some people recommend buying one of each type of bottle to see which one works best, but I find that to be wasteful if your baby doesn't have a problem taking a bottle.  Just keep your receipts until you know that your baby will take the bottles that you have.

Cloth Diapers, if that's your thing.

Bassinet, co-sleeper, or Moses basket.  The new baby needs a place to sleep!  It's nice to have a small, portable bed so that the new baby that is near you.  We didn't have one for Joey, but we plan on getting a co-sleeper for Baby Losavio.

Drying rack for bottles, etc.  You really don't need a special drying rack, but I think that this one is fun.  A bottle brush is also good to have for washing bottles.

Boppy or other nursing pillow.  This pillow helps to support your baby in a comfortable position when nursing or bottle-feeding your baby, and can be also used for tummy time.  Of course you could support the baby with a regular pillow, but using a nursing pillow is much more comfortable.

BabyLegs leg warmers.  These are adorable with onesies and great for frequent diaper changes.  Check RetailMeNot for coupon codes, or follow them on Facebook for special offers.

Sophie the Giraffe.  For some reason I am obsessed with this teether/baby toy.  Babies do like to chew on things, and this doubles as a toy and as a safe object to teethe on.  It's on my wishlist for Baby Losavio. 

White noise generator.  When Joey was an infant, she was soothed by the sound of the vacuum cleaner.  So that we wouldn't prematurely burn out our vacuum motor, we purchased an mp3 of vacuum cleaner white noise.  It was $10 well spent.  Or you could get the Cloud b Sleep Sheep, which has four soothing sounds, such as a heartbeat.  A heartbeat is preferable to vacuum noise, so I think that we might need to get this for Baby Losavio.

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