Friday, October 8, 2010

Can everyone just control their bodily functions? Please?

Very late last night, or very early this morning, however you choose to look at it, Joey woke us up because she was crying in her bed.  She doesn't normally cry in her bed; she'll get out of bed by herself and get into our bed.  I got up to get her and as I walked to her bed I was accosted by the most sickening smell.  And then I felt something wet next to my foot.  Vomit?  Was Joey sick?  Paul turned on the hall light.  It was poop.  How was there poop next to Joey's bed?  Macy was in her crate.  Oh no, Macy was not in her crate.  How did she get out of her crate?  No bother, "Macy, get in your crate."  I got to work cleaning the poop while Joey sat quietly and watched.  And as it turns out, there was also dog pee to clean up. 

As I picked up Joey to carry her to our bed I realized she was soaking wet.  Wet as though someone had poured cold water all over her.  We cloth diaper and overnight we use what we call "super soakers," where we stuff extra cloth inserts into the diaper.  But last night she refused to allow Paul to change her so she went to bed in a normal diaper.  And so in the middle of the night she was cold and wet with urine. 

After getting cleaned up and a new (super soaker) diaper, Joey got into bed between me and Paul.  Within five minutes, she was out.  For Paul and me, getting back to sleep took a little longer.

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