Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Early Halloween Festivities

Each year we look forward to trick or treating at the UA sorority houses.  This is a great opportunity for us because our neighborhood is unfortunately not conducive to trick or treating.  This event draws a huge crowd, but the roads are closed to traffic so it feels safer than trick-or-treating in a neighborhood.  Especially since (in this area at least) some parents drive their kids from house to house rather than walking.

Unfortunately, last night there was the threat of "severe weather" and trick or treating was canceled.  However, there were indoor activities on campus that we were able to participate in.

The Student Alumni Association had a Halloween festival going on with games, a bouncy house, and candy.  We met our friends Hayley, Joe, and Adelyn there.  Joey bounced in the inflatable dragon, decorated a brownie, and dug through sand for buried treasure.  She especially enjoyed the sand.

Next we went to the indoor football field for a Halloween event hosted by the student athletes.  Joey kicked a soccer ball around and jumped in a bouncy house, but probably enjoyed running around the field more than anything.  She was so worn out that she was asleep in the car within five minutes after leaving. 
Joey chose to run around in her leotard and tights rather than in the adorable tutu that I made for her, but here are some pictures of her in costume that I took before we left the house.


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