Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Weekend in Baton Rouge

This weekend we traveled the 350 miles from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to visit Paul's family.  Besides it having been months since we had visited BR, Paul's youngest brother had turned 21 earlier in the week and a celebration was in order.  Another brother of Paul's was visiting from Atlanta, so six of the seven "kids" were there.

Friday morning Paul attended the funeral of a high school friend, and while the circumstances were not ideal, he was able to see old friends that he rarely sees.  Meanwhile, Joey and I had lunch at Zeeland Street Market with some members of Paul's family.  I braved listeriosis and had the club sandwich with avocado.  Three days later and I'm still feeling fine, so I don't think the risk was too high.

Friday afternoon was spent with some of Joey's seven cousins.  On a side note, Baby Losavio will be the ninth grandchild for my in-laws, and the seventh granddaughter.

Gabby, Baby Valerie, and Joey (and Paul's feet)
Joey, Evie, and Gabby
In the South, in the fall, Saturdays are Gamedays, and this weekend was no exception.  On Saturday, LSU hosted Tennessee and there was a lot of activity in Baton Rouge.  We were able to visit a family that Paul was close to in high school for some cocktails and seafood gumbo.  For the game, we headed over to Paul's grandma's house to watch her get excited about replays.  Really, it's a great place to watch LSU football.  The LSU game was not pretty, and they barely scraped a win. 
"What's worse than Les Miles' clock management?  Tennessee's math."
Alabama had an important game against Florida on Saturday night.  In 2009, Alabama defeated Florida to win the SEC Championship.  Alabama went on to become the 2009 National Champions, a title that Florida held the previous year.  The Florida Gators never stood a chance.  The Crimson Tide won 31 - 6.  Roll Tide!

We watched that game at Paul's sisters new house, complete with a play room for the kids.  Joey had a such a great time that she didn't want to leave.  I found her getting ready for bed with her cousins when it was time to go.

On Sunday, Joey's papa, Paul, and I took Joey to see Mike the Tiger, LSU's live mascot, yes live mascot.  It may seem strange or cruel (or cruelly strange) to have a live tiger in the middle of a college campus, but the tiger is well-cared for.  It's enclosure is worthy of a zoo. 

Mike VI
After our visit with Mike we drove over the Mississippi River for donuts.  My little piglet had two donut holes and then a chocolate donut.  And she would have eaten more!  

We had to hit the road for Tuscaloosa after a family birthday dinner of lasagna and cake.  It's especially hard to leave town when everyone is together.

The kids are "taking a nap."
We arrived home late on Sunday night.  I woke up this morning sandwiched between Paul and Joey, who was sleeping on top of Macy.  We need a bigger bed.

Last week Joey gave our camera a bath, so most of the pictures from our trip are on Paul's phone.  I'll post some pictures when I can.

I had hoped that the rice trick would revive the camera...

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