Sunday, October 24, 2010

Every Word's a Winner

One of Joey's favorite hangouts is Starbucks, where she loves drinking vanilla milk and playing "the letter game," known to the rest of us as Scrabble.  She enjoys "making words" with the tiles.  She's pretty good at identifying her letters, but doesn't exactly spell yet.

At home we've got a set of plastic letter refrigerator magnets.  Well, we used to have a set.  I think that we might only have eight letters at this point whereas we started with 26.  But only having one of each letter really limits the words that you can make.  Heck, you can't even spell "Mommy" or "Daddy."

I got the idea to make refrigerator magnets out of Scrabble tiles.  We actually have our own Scrabble set at home, but to keep it intact I needed to find just the tiles.  A new Scrabble set costs about $15, but eBay has tons of tiles on the auction block for less.  Since I really didn't have the patience to wait to win an auction, and then for the tiles to arrive in the mail, I used our Scrabble tiles.  I fully intend to order replacement tiles, but at least now I can hold out for the best price.

For this project, I used a set of 100 Scrabble tiles, 100 round craft magnets, and my hot glue gun.  I simply adhered a magnet to each tile using a small amount of hot glue.  Since the glue can get extremely hot, this is not a good project to do with your child.

After an hour of standing at my kitchen counter gluing magnets to Scrabble tiles, I was finished.  I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Warning:  Scrabble tiles are a choking hazard.  If you choose to replicate this project, please use common sense.  Joey knows better than to put these in her mouth.  However, when Baby Losavio (arrives and) becomes mobile, these will be moved out of her reach.

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  1. Wow. That is freaking clever. I wish I could think up stuff like that.

    You should come by my blog and claim your book!

    And congrats! (On winning a book, sure, but mostly on being pregnant.)



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