Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do you have Gilt?

Gilt Groupe is a members only online "flash sale" site for higher-end goods.  They sell discounted items, up to 70% off, in sales that usually last 36 hours.  

I've been a member of Gilt Groupe for quite some time, although it's rare that I actually make a purchase.  Last week I received an email that offered me a $25 Gilt credit.  I figured that I could use it to get a Christmas gift for Joey.  They had just opened a Melissa & Doug boutique and I was easily able to find something for less than $25.  I purchased the Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set, which was listed at $16, and shipping (which could be included in the $25 credit) was $7.95.  So it was absolutely free for me.   
Today, to my surprise, I received another $25 credit, this time from Gilt Children.  I thought that it must have been a mistake, but I decided to try to make a purchase using the credit anyway.  The Melissa & Doug shop was still open, so I picked out the Melissa & Doug Chef Role Play Costume Set, which was $25.  Gilt was also offering a free shipping credit if you invited 10 friends, which I did, and therefore paid absolutely nothing!
So if you are not receiving emails from Gilt Groupe, you should be!  Post a comment or message me if you want an invite.

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