Tuesday, October 5, 2010


What the beep? 
What are the odds that everything in a home that can beep will beep early in the morning?  The alarm clock beeped this morning.  Not unusual.  I can disable that thing with my eyes closed.  Then my cell phone beeped at me to tell me to charge it.  Doesn't a persistent beeping wear the battery faster?  I ignored it hoping it would die.  Then the smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector began beeping every 20 seconds or so, alerting us that the battery should be replaced.  That, I couldn't ignore.  But, hey, Paul needed to get up.  He's the reason that the alarm clock was beeping.  "Paul....Paul....Paaauuul?"  My schmoopie disabled both the smoke detector and the carbon monoxide detector.  He had to get up anyway...

Potty Progress
While Joey was taking her first bath of the day, she told me that she needed to poop in the potty.  She proceeded to get out of the tub by herself, put her seat on the toilet, and used her stool (no pun intended) to get on the potty.  And then she went!  I suppose that it's getting too chilly to poop in the backyard now.  She earned three stickers on her potty chart (for poop) so we went to the Chikin Park to celebrate.  I was so proud of her that we even went to TCBY afterward for some fro yo.

Here she is making her "mean face."  It's hard to do when you've got fro yo, unless your daddy is trying to eat it.

Shooting up
Paul and I got our flu shots at his office this afternoon.  Ouch.  Fortunately for Joey, the vaccine that we were given was not approved for children younger than four so she's safe for the time being.  She will be getting a flu shot when her pediatrician gets her supply.  Until then we'll have to rely on herd immunity.

Sudden weight gain...explained!
In anticipation of my doctor's appointment tomorrow and the dreadful monthly weigh in, I weighed myself with and without my boots on.  Turns out that the boots weigh 4.2 lbs!  That's how much I should have gained total for the past month!  So no, I didn't gain eight pounds because it's Monopoly time at McDonalds.  I do plan to take the boots off before stepping on the scale tomorrow.

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