Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Milkshakes are:
an appropriate meal replacement.  For an adult, of course.  I would never let my child have a milkshake in lieu of dinner.  Never.

a great source of Calcium.

a desirable post-labor "push present."  Seriously.  After pushing a baby out, a milkshake just hits the spot.  No diamonds for this girl.  Just bring me a milkshake.  And maybe a cheeseburger.

really yummy when blended with Bailey's Irish cream.  Now that makes a great push present.


When I was pregnant with Joey, I was working in an office and Paul and I would often meet at restaurants for lunch.  After finishing my meal, I was almost always hungry, and I would need to have a milkshake.  It's a good thing that Arby's was just a few blocks from my office.

My labor and delivery nurse from Joey's birth swore that vanilla milkshakes from Chick-Fil-A make your breastmilk sweeter.  I'm not sure how she would know that, but I won't argue with her.

Before I was pregnant with Baby Losavio I would often get coffee-flavored milkshakes while Paul would get chocolate.  I got coffee so I wouldn't have to share with Joey.  I share absolutely everything else, so I don't feel bad about this. 

I'm a milkshake purist.  Vanilla is my favorite.  I enjoy whipped cream and a cherry as well.  Might as well go all out.

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